About Momia

RedkathyHi there,
I’m Kathy, a Philadelphia born Floridian wife to a loving southern teddy bear type, aka Redkathy-who enjoys blogging, networking, and other geeky tech stuff, aka Momia-the proud mother of two grown sons!

Thought it might be helpful and fun to share a bit of my Momia persona with you. I was donned Momia by my youngest son Red.  Momia entails a bit of common sense parenting experience, motherly mishaps, and unconditional love rolled into one. My hope is that these experiences might help make your “Momia” position as fulfilling and loving as mine.

Hope you enjoy my parenting blog and take a peek at my new parent store while you’re here. The store features items for infants, children, and moms. Who knows it might just save you a buck or two!