Study Shows Elementary Age Kids prefer KIND KIDS

Dr. Marilyn Heins offers a free newsletter for parents. The parenting newsletter is free, delivered via email and always includes tips for new parents ,  interesting stories, and/or studies regarding children. According to her most recent writings, the doctor strongly believes that a curriculum for teaching kindness and proper social behavior is the best way […]

Social Media Rules for Children: A Parent’s Guide

It seems as if social media users keep getting younger and younger, and with contemplating Facebook removing their age restriction, more and more children are going to find themselves on social media sites. As a parent, it’s very important that you talk to your children about social media so that they have an understanding of […]

Inspire Kids to Volunteer

Volunteerism has become more vital to the health of our nation’s communities as nonprofit organizations struggle with limited budgets and resources. more than a third of nonprofit organizations reported a significant increase in the number of volunteers they use throughout the year, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service. By  instilling values that […]

Give Your Child a Head Start: Send Them to Preschool

In most states, sending your child to preschool is not a requirement. Some parents opt to send their child to preschool while others wait until their child is required by law to attend kindergarten. Preschool is a great way for children to learn new skills and interact with other children before starting kindergarten. If you […]

How To Know When Your Child is Water Safe

There are many parents that want their children to quickly learn how to swim and become water safe, a status where children are competent and comfortable enough in the water that they are able to handle most situations and not be minimally at risk. Parents often sign their kids up for swim lessonsand ask, ‘how […]

Caring for Our Parents – 5 Star Responder

This post brought to you by Zeitghost Blog Network. All opinions are 100% mine. Being a member of the sandwich generation has brought about a true, fearful connection with the phrase, “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.”  Prior to midlife, this senior targeted advertisement seemed very unrealistic, perhaps even comical in its presentation. My […]

Tips for Stress-Free Mornings with Kids

Regardless of age, kids and early mornings don’t seem to mix. Combine this idea with the pressures of getting them to school on time as well as your work obligations, and you may be looking at a series of stressful mornings. Take the stress out of early mornings with these simple tips to help you […]

So Many Features – Affordable Cell Phones

This post brought to you by TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine. Parents looking for an inexpensive alternative to a monthly cell phone bill will find the answer with TracFone. The TracFone requires no contracts, credit checks, activation, and/or cancelation fees, and as such has become one of the favorite cell phone providers among parents. […]

Should Parents Secure their Kids’ Futures with Fixed Rate Bonds?

With interest rates currently in the doldrums and inflation shooting up, it seems a dismal time for anyone who is contemplating putting money aside for their children. It’s tempting to take out a fixed rate bond in these circumstances, as these often attract higher than usual interest rates and there is a good range of […]

Grab and Go Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Getting kids ready and out the door for school can be a challenge, especially when it comes to ensuring that they eat a healthy breakfast. These simple suggestions can help your kids begin their day with a filling, nutritious breakfast without taking a lot of preparation time! On-the-Go Eggs Eggs are delicious and full of […]