Inspire Kids to Volunteer

Volunteerism has become more vital to the health of our nation’s communities as nonprofit organizations struggle with limited budgets and resources. more than a third of nonprofit organizations reported a significant increase in the number of volunteers they use throughout the year, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service. By  instilling values that […]

Give Your Child a Head Start: Send Them to Preschool

In most states, sending your child to preschool is not a requirement. Some parents opt to send their child to preschool while others wait until their child is required by law to attend kindergarten. Preschool is a great way for children to learn new skills and interact with other children before starting kindergarten. If you […]

Education: Best Math Apps for Children

Math is a very difficult subject for a lot of people. Children, teens, and adults all have some minor trouble with math problems, and studying for math can be frustrating. With tablets and smartphones, though, learning math doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. Many math apps available today are animated and entertaining, making kids […]

$10,000 College Scholarship

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine. Regular readers know that I am a big supporter of store brand products. For the last 13 years, parents provide their children outstanding nutrition at affordable prices with Parent’s Choice Infant Formula. With the formation of the […]

Education: Innovative Methods Pay Off

One of the most vital elements a parent can provide their child is a strong educational foundation. Statistics from the DEO demonstrate the primary education years are critical. Having a direct comparison by raising two sons, the instructional distinctions between public and private primary schools are quite astounding, especially where art and music are concerned. […]

Education Tips: Tech Tools for College Kids

Communication is a vital part of parenting and the key to building solid relationships with your children. With my youngest son studying abroad, in London to be exact, this article by Family Features struck a “must share” chord! We communicated mostly through Skype. It was free and fit his budget perfectly! The college kids need […]

Education Tips:Raising an Eager Reader

In my humble opinion, reading is one of the most important educational activities to encourage children to partake in. This article, produced by Family Features, has some great insights and ideas to help children become eager to read. Enjoy! Parents are looking for ways to get their kids back into the learning mode. Making education […]