Study Shows Elementary Age Kids prefer KIND KIDS

Dr. Marilyn Heins offers a free newsletter for parents. The parenting newsletter is free, delivered via email and always includes tips for new parents ,  interesting stories, and/or studies regarding children. According to her most recent writings, the doctor strongly believes that a curriculum for teaching kindness and proper social behavior is the best way […]

Social Media Rules for Children: A Parent’s Guide

It seems as if social media users keep getting younger and younger, and with contemplating Facebook removing their age restriction, more and more children are going to find themselves on social media sites. As a parent, it’s very important that you talk to your children about social media so that they have an understanding of […]

Tips for Stress-Free Mornings with Kids

Regardless of age, kids and early mornings don’t seem to mix. Combine this idea with the pressures of getting them to school on time as well as your work obligations, and you may be looking at a series of stressful mornings. Take the stress out of early mornings with these simple tips to help you […]

TracFone – Affordable Summer Communication for Parents

This post brought to you by TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine. Summer vacation oftentimes leaves parents looking for an inexpensive alternative to keep in communication with the children. An expensive monthly cell phone bill is not a likely solution. TracFone is one of the least expensive cell phones in America, requiring no contracts, credit […]

Volunteer – Build Character in Children

Parents who support others by donating time and treasure edify and enrich their children’s lives. Volunteerism teaches basic character foundations to kids. Volunteering Builds Inner Strength Inner strength, or “resilience,” is the ability to cope with the stressful situations in life. Showing children love, offering security, social support, confidence, and allowing independence help to build […]

Parenting Tip: Cyberbullying Safeguards

Parents’ concerns about Internet safety were at one time confined to the computer. Today, kids have unlimited access to the Internet via smart phones and gaming devices. The potential for cyberbullying is alarmingly greater than ever. Cyberbullying is when one minor uses technology as a weapon to target another young person. According to, elementary and […]

Parenting Tip: Child Activities & Stress Relief

Parenting and stress go hand in hand when kids are busy. If you’re a working or single parent, don’t let stress weigh you down like a bag of hammers. Stress Solutions by Jean Tracy, MSS, relieves the “stress” hammers and helps you to enjoying your family life. First Stress Problem for Parents Let’s say you […]


Faith and spirituality are one of the most important accepts of motherhood in my opinion. Two years after my oldest was born his father and I divorced. Being a single mom and living thousands of miles away from family was a very difficult. While I was raised in the church and taught by my mother […]

Money Talks – Involve the Children

Worried about money? Many, if not most of us, are economizing these days to make up for higher gas and food prices as well as lay offs and pay cuts. Parents are often reluctant to talk about money to their children. We all want to spare our kids from the worries of life. We don’t […]