Evie, Driving Hands Free for IPhone Moms

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The question of cell phone safety remains a top news item. Just the other day a girl fell into a fountain in a local mall while texting rather than paying attention to where she was going. More frequently than ever before, cell phone distractions are the cause of avoidable mishaps. More importantly, driving with children in the vehicle turns these phone distractions into something much greater as the children are also at risk.

IPhone users now have a new hands free option to limit those distractions. Meet Evie, is a voice-enabled iPhone app that helps you stay connected hands free! This is the perfect app for mothers who are on the go. Hands free allows mom to watch the road and make an important call. With Evie installed, simply say the name of anyone in the contact list to call him or her. Additionally, say any phone number and Evie dials it.

This voice command is not limited to merely phone calls. Mom can speak the name of a song, artist, playlist, genre, podcast, or audio book and it will play on the phone. Play the children?s favorite music or audio story transforming a boring long drive into a pleasurable journey.

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Need to find directions or a point of interest, Evie can do that too. Just using your voice, select the one you like, then either call them or get directions to go there. Example, need gas in an unfamiliar place, speak ?Find the nearest gas station.? Then Evie locates it for you, hands free.

Evie is ideal for making your drive time easy and enjoyable. Download the Evie iPhone app to find out if hands free applications help with your driving distractions.

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