Top Three Areas for Childproofing Your Home

A home is supposed to be a safe haven, a place that everyone comes to and feels comfortable and at ease. It may surprise you to know that this safe haven is the one place that can prove to be very harmful for your child if you have not ensured that the place is properly childproofed and made safe. Childproofing is an activity that every parent needs to undertake if they want to ensure the safety and health of their children. While you may read many articles and books on the manner in which you should go about childproofing, the fact is that the best child proofing that you can do is by putting yourself in the shoes of the baby and then understanding how the world feels like. So you may want to get down on all your knees literally and check out the various items that are accessible. It is also important to understand that what you may take for granted and consider mundane may prove to be the most interesting of things for your child.

1. Safety equipment – The first aspect of baby proofing your home is to ensure that all the safety equipment is up to date and in good condition. This means that the fire extinguisher should have adequate extinguisher and that the safety equipment is easily accessible in case of any need. There is also a need to establish smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in all floors in the house. If your children above a certain age you need to teach them to use the safety equipment so that they can take action as soon as they see something that is dangerous.
2. Child proof locks – Children today are extremely smart and it is not uncommon for them to pick the locks that you may have otherwise put up. And for the kids, this curiosity is more important than any ideas of safety. Children open drawers, doors and rooms that are locked because they are particularly curious to see what lies in the place that is otherwise out of bounds for them. Child proof locks are extremely important in such areas because of the fact that they are not too prone to giving up.
3. Bathroom and Laundry – The bathroom and the laundry are supposed to be the most difficult rooms in terms of childproofing too. These are areas that excite the kids because they have fun in the bathroom at all times. At other times children disregard child proofing and assume that the washing machine and the dryer are the best of options for a hiding place causing injuries to happen.

While these may be considered to be the most important top three aspects of childproofing, there are sure to be other areas that need to be considered. Aspects like low hanging fruit like removal of all cords, bright colored table cloth and more are things that you should accomplish immediately. Other aspects that require the purchase of the baby safety monitoring material is also great.


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