Trending Now: Convertible Strollers

Expecting mothers know they will need the greatest versatility when baby arrives and if any piece of baby gear can do double duty well, then you have their attention.

Convertible strollers are the latest trend that has caught the baby world by storm for both versatility and high style. But what is a convertible stroller? It can be a pram, travel system and toddler stroller all in one. Basically it is a stroller that comes with a removable toddler seat. Reverse the toddler seat to face you, add a bassinet to the frame or install a car seat to turn it into a travel system. Right here you have six possible seating configurations for your baby either facing you or facing the world.

Because these seats are removable, they come as one molded piece, which means that while they do recline, the entire seat goes back, keeping its V-shape. This is not suitable for newborns, so this is where removing the toddler seat and using your car seat adapter comes in. Simply install the adapter, click in your car seat, and you have an instant, lightweight travel system until your child is old enough to use the toddler seat.

What moms love most about convertible strollers is the reversing seat. Even if you don’t get a bassinet for your stroller, the fact that you can remove and/or reverse the toddler seat is priceless. Reviews for nearly all the convertible stroller models I’ve read rave about the versatility of this feature. If your baby is fussy and needs to see mommy, face her toward you. When baby is fascinated with the world, face him outward.

Some convertible strollers turn into double in-line strollers with the addition of a second seat kit. This is the solution for parents who are expecting twins or who have one child now and expect to have another baby in the future. Baby Jogger City Select, UPPAbaby Vista and the Britax B-Ready are three high quality brands that offer a doubles option. Again these seats can face one another, face the same direction, or use a combination with car seat, toddler seat or bassinet. The Baby Jogger City Select has 16 different seating arrangements, which is absolutely amazing!

When you shop for a convertible stroller, you will notice that some brands come with a bassinet and others require you to purchase it separately. The UPPAbaby Vista includes the bassinet in seven rich color choices. The First Years Wave stroller does come with one, but the seat turns into a bassinet, one of the signature features of this product.

Other models, like the Maxi Cosi Foray, have a car seat adapter included with purchase so you can use it as a travel system right away. Some convertible strollers, like the Foray, don’t offer a bassinet, but in exchange, you get a stroller that is a bit less expensive.

And that is one drawback with this type of stroller. Some can run between $600-$800 once you purchase your bassinet, second seat kit or car seat adapter. Brands like Bugaboo cost you well over $1000 without much effort!

However, stroller manufacturers pay attention and understand that most of us can’t spend that kind of money. Kolcraft Contours offers the Options 3-Wheeler for far less than $125, the cheapest convertible stroller I’ve come across. Mid-range brands include the new Graco modular stroller called the Signature Series. Maxi Cosi Foray is another, and so is The First Years Wave. These brands fall into the $300 category, about half the cost of the more premium brands like UPPAbaby and Baby Jogger.

Discover more of the features these stylish and functional convertible strollers. You’ll be amazed at all the benefits and comforts these strollers can offer you and your child and you glide around your neighborhood in style. You’ll catch a few glimpses of stroller envy while you’re out!

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