Education: Best Math Apps for Children

Math is a very difficult subject for a lot of people. Children, teens, and adults all have some minor trouble with math problems, and studying for math can be frustrating. With tablets and smartphones, though, learning math doesn’t have to be difficult or boring.

Many math apps available today are animated and entertaining, making kids feel as if they’re simply playing a game and not learning anything. If your child or student is having difficulty with math, check out these five apps to help make the learning experience much easier on them.


1. Cute Math

CuteMath is the best for young children just learning the math. The problems are very easy and there is no option to make them more difficult. There are six games throughout the app. Some of the games focus on counting, which others focus on subtraction and addition.

The app also uses animation to help get children involved in the game and provide them with hints. After children finish the first few games, the later games also start involving what children learned in the first few, which is a great way to help children learn.

2. Pop Math Lite

PopMathLite is a great way for younger children to practice math. It is a game that uses balloon popping to teach children math problems. For example, a bunch of bubbles will float on the screen, each containing different numbers, both single numbers and addition problems. The purpose of the game is to have the children pop two bubbles that make sense, such as 1+2 in one bubble and 3 in another bubble.

In each game, the numbers will start out very small, but as users complete a level, the numbers and problems will become more difficult. At the end of each level, users will also find out how many mistakes they made.

3. Math Drills

MathDrills is a great app for multiple students. Up to 50 people can utilize the drills at once, and the drills are made up of basic addition, subtraction, division and multiplication problems.

Each student’s progress is tracked separately from their other, and their progress tracks both test history and scores. The app uses facts, number lines, wood blocks and hints to help students solve problems.

4. Rocket Math

RocketMath has over 56 different math “missions” for students and children to solve. Throughout all missions, different floating objects appear, and these missions help teach students their numbers, how to count, how to count money, how to do fractions and how to tell time, as well as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

While playing each game, students try to earn a higher score, and they can earn a bronze, silver or gold medal. With sound effects, music, three difficulty levels and space themed avatars, this app will provide a great deal of learning and education to many students.

5. Math Ninja

A great app for children of all ages, MathNinja teaches children about math while defending their treehouse from a  tomato and his army of robots. The math problems on this app are customizable, so kids can determine which type of math they want to focus on.

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