Give Your Child a Head Start: Send Them to Preschool

In most states, sending your child to preschool is not a requirement. Some parents opt to send their child to preschool while others wait until their child is required by law to attend kindergarten.

Preschool is a great way for children to learn new skills and interact with other children before starting kindergarten. If you aren’t sure as to whether or not you want to send your child you preschool, you should check out the following benefits.

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1. Great programs.

In preschool, children are subject to a wide array of activities. Everything from singing to coloring to quiet time is done in preschool, and this helps teach your child new things and helps them develop cognitive skills. Some preschools even teach the alphabet as well as counting or shapes, which helps children get a head start on their academic careers.

2. Socialization.

Learning to socialize is extremely important, especially at a young age. When a child attends preschool, they learn how to interact with other children and adults who are not family members. Plus, sending a child to preschool can help them overcome their separation anxiety fears at an early age, which will help make the transition to kindergarten much easier on both the child and the parents.

3. Make friends.

Though most preschoolers are too young to understand their friendships, they are actually building relationships with other students that will continue on as a friendship as the children grow and move on in school together. If the preschool feeds into the same elementary school, your child will continue to grow and learn with the same children for a good portion of their life. When it comes time to going to kindergarten, children will have an easier time in a classroom full of people they know.

4. They have strict regulations.

Some parents don’t send their children to preschool because they don’t trust the qualifications of the teachers. Like any other school, every preschool needs to be inspected and requires specific licensing in order to exist. Every preschool teacher had to be trained and receive certification, and most preschools have more than one teacher on hand at all times so that there are multiple eyes on the class.

5. They provide structure.

Children work better when they have a schedule and an everyday routine, and preschool helps them develop this routine. Most preschools will require that children are dropped off and picked up at specific times, and they also stick to the same daily schedule when it comes to crafts, lessons, and projects. This helps keep the children in line and provides them with the stability they need.

If you were on the fence as to whether or not to send your child to school, these benefits should help persuade your decision. Your child will easily benefit from attending preschool, and it’s a great way for them to learn new skills and build new relationships before starting elementary school. Before you choose a preschool, make sure to shop around and see all the different options in your area, then pick the one that you like the best.


Jessica Brown is a mother and avid writer.  She often writes about education and schooling and always checks her work with a grammar checker.

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