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Natural wicker furniture has been in existence since the time of the pharaohs. The appreciation of wicker chairs and baskets spread from Egypt to Rome and then throughout Europe by means of international sea traders. Wicker wares were carried to Great Britain, Portugal, and Spain. From these Egyptian classical pieces to the modern-day outdoor furniture of America, wicker furniture continued to flourish through centuries and civilizations.

The question is can wicker furniture truly be considered fresh and modern? Pier 1 Imports says yes, so many things about wicker that makes it perfect for right now.

Wicker furniture is built for real life – resources such as rattan and water hyacinth make it budget friendly and sustainable

Wicker pieces offer versatility – besides being easy to move and update wicker furniture can intermingle or stands out in both indoor and outdoor settings

Wicker furniture has always been a favorite of mine. Hubby and I came across a fabulous wicker deal about 15 years ago. We purchased a wicker armchair, rattan rocker, and a Papasan chair at a garage sale. The owner told me she purchased her wicker furniture at Pier 1 in Palm Harbor Florida. The rattan rocker and the Papasan chair were for our youngest son’s room. He so enjoyed the Papasan chair. At the time, he was just 10 years old and fit in the chair perfectly. I recall him power lounging while playing the old Nintendo gaming machine! Those pieces were sold with the summer home about a year later even though my son disapproved. The armchair came with us and remained on front patio ever since. While it did fade quite a bit, structurally it is very sound.

Wicker Arm ChairA few days ago while I was tending to my herb garden, the fresh spring air motivated me. On a whim, I spray-painted that old wicker chair espresso brown. WOW, Pier 1 is accurate; their wicker furniture IS built for real life! The chair truly did stand the test of time and it looks beautiful against clay color backdrop of the walls. Next step will be adding a new cushion.

Pier 1 has a wonderful array of outdoor patio décor. The new cushions are really stylish and colorful. There is a $20 reward deal going on at Pier 1 right now that might help me afford a new cushion. Simply sign up for a rewards program account, make a qualifying purchase, and receive the $20 deal.

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  1. Thanks for telling us about the Tweetups! I’m in Atlanta, and had no idea!

  2. I can tell you from a carpet cleaning stand point that wicker is pretty awesome in the home. They don’t leave stains on damp carpet and it’s extremely easy to move. I don’t see too much of it in the houses I clean but it happens.

  3. Hey,

    thank you for this posting. I have learned some things and in feature i will look over the posting more often.

    Cheers, Steve

  4. Yes, we’re big fans of outdoor living and patio decor too. The right furniture makes a big diiference in teh look, feel and liveability of the space too. Nice post, great tips!

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