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Smart phones are one of the hottest gifts this season. I have good news for last minute moms and dads; last minute shopping oftentimes offers the best values! You see I have wanted a tablet for a long time now but simply could afford one. Sprint helped to make my dream a reality. When hubby learned of the remarkable deals Sprint was offering, he bought me a smart phone with all the bells and whistles. I was so surprised I almost screamed when it arrived!

Smartphone Experience

What’s more, my son got a HTC EVO 4G. He’s loving every minute of being connected whenever to wherever and rapidly too! Of course, the photos, music, and other apps make it an indispensable gadget and an amazing piece of business equipment as well. He hooks up with clients via email and text. Moreover, he sends documents and photos with ease.

Do I love my phone? Yesterday I was in the grocery store shopping for a last minute baking request from my great nephew. After reviewing the available baking products,I paused in the baking isle while searching Google images for inspiration on a star wars cake. Onlookers offered raised brow and head shakes while smiling. Yes, I love my smartphone already!

R2D2 Birthday Cake   

What do you think of my cake?

Sprint Customer Service

We have been Sprint customers since the early nineties. I have to say that of all the cable, cell phone, and internet providers we have experienced Sprint has the best customer service of them all. This testimony combined with the great holiday deals on Android™ powered EVO 4G devices should be motivation enough to at least take a look. However, for a limited time get activation waived for new lines of service and free shipping from Sprint as well!


Great Holiday 4G Deal from Sprint

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