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Walgreens contribution to local communities is huge. The yearlong negotiations with insurance administrators of prescription drugs ended without a contract, as previously publicized here.   Their new “prescription savings club” in fact does save the family money on prescription drugs. When the housing bubble burst five years ago, I lost my health insurance and have yet to be able to afford to replace it.

Thankfully, I don’t need prescription drugs however, the hubby does. Visiting the site, I compared my husband prescriptions to the available list of over 4000 medications. The pricing proved to be less for a 90-day supply than we are currently paying with his insurance.

Four of the medications cost my husband about $10.00 a month. With Walgreens, a 90-day supply would be only $12.00. Doing the math $40.00 less $12.00 is an $28.00 savings per quarter, $112.00 annually.  In addition to the prescription savings, bonuses can be earned for additional savings.

“When you purchase any Walgreens and Nice! brand products and photofinishing services, 10% of the pre-tax price is instantly credited to your card. Purchase everything from toothpaste to over-the-counter cold medicine – as long as it’s a Walgreens and Nice! brand products and photofinishing services, you can earn money on your card to use on future purchases**.”

The plan costs $35.00 for the family and $20.00 for an individual plan. For our family, the plan would pay for itself even if we purchase only the prescriptions. Add the discounts for any Walgreens brand product we might need to purchase, no telling what the realized saving will be.

Amazing right? This speaks volumes to those broken down negotiations if you ask me. Those firms who administer the prescription drug plans insurance companies tried to have the public believe Walgreens was price gouging its customers.

Find your realized savings with Walgreens Prescription Savings Club. In addition, you can keep up on the latest news with Walgreens on Twitter or Walgreens on Facebook

Do you agree with my thinking Walgreens contribution to local communities is huge?

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