Fighting Childhood Obesity at Home

Childhood obesity is an ever increasing problem in western countries, and one that will have terrifying repercussions for generations to come. A child that is obese is likely to become an obese adult, and develop all of the health problems associated with obesity.

Governments are encouraging schools to do their bit to fight childhood obesity, but really, the solution needs to come from the home. If you’re worried about the health of your child, then the best gift you can give them is the gift of healthy habits – get them outside, get them active, and encourage them to love the outdoors.

You could do this by throwing them off the console, shutting down the PC, and making them play outdoors, but they’d probably just mope around until they were allowed to come inside again. So, why not do it by making the garden seem attractive? There are some great garden toys for children on sale these days. Toys that even the most jaded kid would enjoy playing with.

Springfree SF40 trampoline

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These days, garden toys for children are more than just bats and balls. There are home rocket kits, radio controlled cars and planes, water guns, slides and more. If your school kid is addicted to first person shooters, why not set them and their friends up with some water guns and super soakers? With a bit of imagination they’ll soon be expending loads of energy playing a real life action game with their friends. If they start bunny hopping and rolling their way around the garden like G-Man, then at least they’re getting some exercise!


Of course, you probably don’t want to see younger children emulating First Person Shooter heroes, but you can still get them running, skipping, and jumping around the garden. Trampolines, climbing frames, and even bats and balls are all appealing to younger kids, and games such as Twister have a timeless appeal.

In addition to getting your kids active in the garden, it’s important to educate them on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Garden toys for children are only a part of the equation. When your kids are done playing, encourage them to drink fruit juice instead of soda. Get them snacking on fruit instead of chocolate, and try to steer your kids away from fast food. This might sound difficult, but if you set a good example, and encourage, rather than force, healthy food choices then it can be done.

Kids that are involved with sports outside of school tend to lead more active, and healthier, lives. Pushing a child into a sport they aren’t interested in is not a good idea, but if you get your kids outside playing with garden toys for children while they’re young, then they may develop a love of ball games or gymnastics on their own, and that could develop into a hobby that is worth encouraging.

So far, this article has focused purely on the kids themselves, but there’s one final point worth making – your health matters too. Why not get out there and play with your kids? You’ll be improving your own health, and setting a good example at the same time.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of The Original Factory Shop. James writes on subjects relating to home and the family. Follow James on Twitter.


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    Thanks for the insightful article. I couldn’t agree more that new parents must educate and inspire children on the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle.

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