Grab and Go Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Getting kids ready and out the door for school can be a challenge, especially when it comes to ensuring that they eat a healthy breakfast. These simple suggestions can help your kids begin their day with a filling, nutritious breakfast without taking a lot of preparation time!

On-the-Go Eggs

Eggs are delicious and full of protein and essential nutrition to give your children the energy they need all morning long. Keep a stash of hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator for a nutritious breakfast that’s also easy to transport. When you find time is running out while your kids are getting ready in the morning, have them grab one of these eggs to peel and eat as part of a nutritious breakfast on the go. Another option is to make hard-boiled eggs into healthy egg salad to eat with pita bread, small bagels or English muffins for yummy breakfast sandwiches!

Warm and Toasty

Eggs don’t just have to be hard-boiled to be enjoyed on-the-run, they can be included in a variety of different kinds of sandwiches that make a nutritious breakfast. Cook up an egg on the griddle or in a skillet, and break the yolk so that it will also cook through in order to avoid a potential mess. Toast whole wheat or sourdough bread, layering it with  egg, ham or cooked bacon, and cheese for a filling and nutritious breakfast for your kids.

The kind of nutritious breakfast sandwiches you make for your kids will depend on their preferences. Use salami, pepperoni, roasted turkey or prosciutto instead of ham. Spread cream cheese on the toast instead of using cheddar or American cheeses, and substitute bagel thins or English muffins for the toast. The possibilities for this warm and toasty breakfast are endless!

Breakfast Burrito or Wrap

Instead of making an ordinary sandwich, use flour tortillas to wrap up your child’s preferred ingredients for a healthy breakfast. For a savory breakfast burrito, spread cream cheese on a whole-wheat tortilla and top with scrambled eggs and diced ham. Add salsa and sour cream for extra spice and flavor, and sneak in fiber-packed black beans and nutrient-rich diced tomatoes if you can for a more nutritious breakfast.

For an even quicker breakfast option, use the flour tortillas as a wrap for a breakfast that’s more sweet than savory. Spread cream cheese or peanut butter on the surface of the tortilla and top with sliced fruit like strawberries or bananas. Include a variety of fresh fruits or even veggies to pack more nutrition into this quick breakfast.

Homemade Pop Tarts

Some mornings are just crazy enough to justify a breakfast of Pop Tarts, but you might not want to feed them to your children. You can make your own using two slices of whole wheat bread, butter or cream cheese, and preserves or thinly sliced fruit. Spread butter or cream cheese on one side of both slices of bread and top one of these with fruit and/or preserves (leave a border along the edges). Place the slices of bread together as if you were making a sandwich. Cut the crust off the bread, then seal the two pieces using a fork. Place the sealed, homemade “Pop Tart” into the toaster until warm for a quick and nutritious breakfast option.

Kelly Wilson is a freelance writer and the mom of two boys who love to eat healthy breakfasts each day before school. For more information about how food choices can help strengthen your child’s teeth, visit Dr. Brett L. Johnson, DMD, an Oregon City dentist.


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