Infant Formula and Diapers – The Two Firsts for Parents

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Newborn babies’ days consist mainly of eating and pooping! Parents can expect to concentrate on two decisions before leaving the hospital, feeding, and diapering.


Diapers are the first thing a baby wears and generally, the hospital or birthing center determines the first diaper a baby wears. Beyond those first days, mom and dad become quite familiar with diapers. Oftentimes a baby shower can dictate what the newborn wears, as diapers are the number one baby shower gift that isn’t always included in the gift registry. sells all types, brands, and sizes of diapers, offers a baby registry, and a whole host of baby products. Where diapers are concerned, my personal experience is limited to Huggies, Pampers and the awful cloth diapers of twenty plus years ago. My oldest son was allergic to almost every disposable diaper as a newborn. Until he was about three months old it seemed as though I was constantly changing diaper brands. While browsing the gDiapers caught my eye. They seem very worthy of evaluation given my real life experience. Cloth diapers and rubber pants on a newborn are horrible compared to gDiapers cloth inserts. Clearly, having the option of disposable or cloth inserts is a tremendous tool for parents who cope with sensitive and allergy prone skin. offers a 30% cash back program on diapers too.

Cloth or disposable, what diapers work for your baby?

Formula Feeding

Parents who choose formula feeding, as we did, have a whole host of options in infant formulas these days. Did you know that all infant formula sold in the United States must meet the nutritional standards set forth and regulated by the FDA? Regardless of the brand, parents can rest assured the infant formula they choose meets a standard that promotes good nutrition, vital to infant development.

Infant formulas are available in powder and liquid form over twenty or so brands as compared to maybe six brands when my boys were born. The bases vary from milk to soy and a combination of both. I never heard of organic formula back then and soy based formula was expensive and recommended for baby with allergies or gas problems. Today formulas are far more advanced and quite different. Most have added iron and vitamins as they always did but now include being enriched with DHA or ARA and often times both. As I recall, while enriched liquid formulas may be the best option for an infant, the family budget may dictate otherwise.

What brand of infant formula do you feed the baby?

Shopping online, which did not exist back then, may provide the opportunity to attain baby formula without the high price tag. Bright Beginnings Infant Formula is reasonably priced. Additionally, new customers receive a 10% discount on formula and shipping is free on $49 orders when you buy on

Seems to me that provides parents with plenty of options and savings for parents, something a new family can certainly use and appreciate. Visit Bright Beginnings on Facebook to learn more about the infant formulas and discounts available.

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