Review: Mint Toothpaste

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Toms of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wicked Fresh is a rather courageous name for toothpaste if you ask me. As an honest mom blogger, I will not tell you my children have used this Wicked Fresh Toothpaste or that it is the best toothpaste for your family.  However, reviews on the net from bloggers with integrity support the product. What is more Tom’s of Maine makes some rather steep claims concerning their company, employees, and products.

Tom’s of Maine boasts, “Our Stewardship Model Standards for NaturalSustainable, and Responsible guide our ingredient selection and formulation development. ”  The website includes the following definitions to support natural, sustainable, and responsible.

Our standards for natural

Sourced in nature

Simple and understandable ingredients

Free of artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners, flavors, fragrances, and other additives

Free of animal ingredients

Made of high-quality ingredients

Subject to limited processing

Purposeful in the system of ingredients

Promote organically grown ingredients wherever possible and practical


Our standards for sustainable

Contribute to environmental and economic sustainability

Socially conscious

Environmentally friendly products and packaging

Establish safety and efficacy in our products and ingredients without testing on animals

Renewable and recyclable resources


Promote sustainable harvesting practices

Respectful of basic human rights

Respectful of the rights of indigenous people

Accountable to present and future generations


Our standards for responsible



Sufficient research conducted

Honesty about where and how ingredient, product, and packaging were sourced

Honesty about claims related to product/ingredient/formulation

Affordable for consumer

Affordable for company

Build value and equity for company

Respect for the standards of the Food and Drug Administration

Respect for the standards of the Federal Trade Commission

Respect for the standards of organizations (American Dental Association) with whom we have chosen to partner


Amazing how this list so closely coincides with many of the standards and values mothers define for their families. While not every point may apply directly to your family, most are incontestable. Standards that include honesty, purposeful, high quality, natural, and limited processing has to be healthy and valuable to the family.

Thinking to myself, how could a company with such high standards and transparency be bad, no valid rebuttal came to mind. The toothpaste is described as long lasting with cavity protection. Wicked Fresh comes into play with the use of potent natural flavor oils and a patent-pending botanical extract. Natural and limited processed ingredients are favorable qualities according to the A.D.A. providing further support for Wicked Fresh toothpaste.

I will never forget the first time my oldest son used cool mint toothpaste. The flavor was so exhilarating his eyes were wide and he drew in several times over, to enjoy the cool mint flavor. “Tastes like peppermint patties mom, but no chocolates?!” A Wicked Fresh moment if I ever experienced one you know! Right now, you can share a Wicked Fresh moments for a chance to win Wicked Fresh!™ Prizes at That’s Wicked Fresh contest page.

Other Tom’s Of Maine natural products include Wicked Fresh mouthwash, naturally waxed dental floss, natural 24-hour deodorant, and bar and body wash soaps. Visit the website and decide for yourself if Wicked Fresh is right for your family.
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