Budget Friendly Fantastic Family Getaways – Relax and Renew

This post brought to you by Kalahari® Resorts. All opinions are 100% mine. When my boys were young, we opted to take short family getaways throughout the year. Most times these were long weekend excursions that proved more beneficial than traditional one or two week vacation. By doing as such, the family had several opportunities […]

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So Many Features – Affordable Cell Phones

This post brought to you by TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine. Parents looking for an inexpensive alternative to a monthly cell phone bill will find the answer with TracFone. The TracFone requires no contracts, credit checks, activation, and/or cancelation fees, and as such has become one of the favorite cell phone providers among parents. […]

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Should Parents Secure their Kids’ Futures with Fixed Rate Bonds?

With interest rates currently in the doldrums and inflation shooting up, it seems a dismal time for anyone who is contemplating putting money aside for their children. It’s tempting to take out a fixed rate bond in these circumstances, as these often attract higher than usual interest rates and there is a good range of […]

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The Benefits of Cooking With Kids

Cookbooks for children are a wonderful way to initiate a healthy lifestyle. Involving your kids in cooking can open the door to related topics like nutrition, meal planning, and perhaps even gardening. Having been blessed with two sons did not stop me from encouraging them to cook. In fact, cooking, cleaning, and outdoor chores were part of our regular […]

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Grab and Go Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Getting kids ready and out the door for school can be a challenge, especially when it comes to ensuring that they eat a healthy breakfast. These simple suggestions can help your kids begin their day with a filling, nutritious breakfast without taking a lot of preparation time! On-the-Go Eggs Eggs are delicious and full of […]

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Fighting Childhood Obesity at Home

baby pool

Childhood obesity is an ever increasing problem in western countries, and one that will have terrifying repercussions for generations to come. A child that is obese is likely to become an obese adult, and develop all of the health problems associated with obesity. Governments are encouraging schools to do their bit to fight childhood obesity, […]

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Family Matters – Disability Caregivers


This post brought to you by NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine. Whether it is a parent or child, caring for a person with a disability can be overwhelming. Great patience, caring, and insight are required to achieve a safe and happy standard of living.  The good news is searching for a wheelchair van, car, […]

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Trending Now: Convertible Strollers


Expecting mothers know they will need the greatest versatility when baby arrives and if any piece of baby gear can do double duty well, then you have their attention. Convertible strollers are the latest trend that has caught the baby world by storm for both versatility and high style. But what is a convertible stroller? […]

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Top 3 Disney Cars Toys for Your Toddler

Lightning Mcqueen

With the highly successful release of Disney Cars 2, kids are extremely enthusiastic about characters such as Mater, Lightning McQueen and Finn MacMissile. My son Aidan is already pestering me about buying the DVD; he had such a great time watching the movie when it was released in June. Parents often mention how their young […]

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Global Giant Coca-Cola Rewards Schools

This post brought to you by My Coke Rewards. All opinions are 100% mine.   Reward programs are becoming more popular than ever. Reward programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage buying behavior. This buying behavior, which is potentially beneficial to the firm, is a win-win situation. Initially, individuals were the target recipients […]

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