Tips for Stress-Free Mornings with Kids

Regardless of age, kids and early mornings don’t seem to mix. Combine this idea with the pressures of getting them to school on time as well as your work obligations, and you may be looking at a series of stressful mornings.

Take the stress out of early mornings with these simple tips to help you and your children get ready to calmly face each day!

Start Your Morning First


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It will be painful for a couple of weeks, but get in the habit of getting up before your children do each morning. Allow for 30 minutes to one hour of quiet time by yourself in the morning to have a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Once your children get up and everyone gets moving, you’ll feel more at peace and ready for the day.

Set Your Child’s Alarm Clock

If you’re the only one getting your kids up for school, it could be adding stress to your already packed morning. Invest in a solid, inexpensive alarm clock for each of your children. Set each one up on a nightstand next to each child’s bed and show your kids how the alarm clock works. When putting them to bed each night, make sure their alarm clocks are set correctly for the next morning. Then when you go to help your kids get up, the buzzing alarm will have at least given them fair warning!

Prepare the Night Before

Much of what is done in the morning can be finished the night before, including packing backpacks, making lunches and setting out clothes for the next day. This will give you and your kids time to eat a calm breakfast together before heading off to work and school. Track down shoes, sweatshirts and coats during the night before as well to avoid any last-minute scrambling.

By the Door

If you don’t already have a special area for kids to put their school stuff, this is a great opportunity to start! Set a large basket or tote near the front door for backpacks, lunch boxes and coats. As your children leave for school or come home in the afternoon, this designated spot for your child’s possessions can help ensure that nothing important gets lost.

Set up a Morning Routine

Sit down with your kids and sketch out a morning routine for everyone to follow. Decide on tasks that can be completed the night before, such as making lunches and setting out clothes. Then write down what your kids need to do each morning, such as get dressed, comb their hair, put on shoes, eat breakfast and brush their teeth. Create a chart for your kids to follow in the mornings as they’re adjusting to the routine so that they can stay focused, and everyone will be able to get out the door on time and in the mood for success!

Kelly Wilson is a teacher and freelance writer with two children who struggle with getting up for school each morning. To find out more about how daily routines can help your kids take care of their teeth, Dr. Heppler at Dental Designs, a General Dentist in Vancouver, Washington.


  1. I really appreciated this post. I have a 2 month old, 3 yr old, and brand new kindergartener and I’m trying to get a handle on our mornings! My daughter is only 5, but we let her get herself ready as best as she’s able, then help with the rest. I actually feel a little bad that she brushes her own teeth without supervision in the mornings (probably not doing the best job), but it’s either that or it won’t get done! Thanks again. I’m feeling a little more ready for tomorrow morning!

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