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As a bird watcher, the one thing you probably cannot stand is a squirrel trying to get to your feeders. You put them out to encourage BIRDS to come to your yard, not scavenger squirrels that continuously take the food until it runs out. The one thing that seems to help this is the squirrel baffle. Once you have a few of these, your birds will be much more entertained in your back yard.

Now of course you can buy a few of these at your bird feed supply store, but if you like to be frugal, you might want to make your own. This is going to have a lot to do with your own preferences, but the process is quite easy to follow.

Making for Your Squirrel Baffle

To get started with the project you need to purchase some large bowls. Consider some cheap mixing bowls of a foot in diameter. When you buy the bowls, flip them upside down and consider how it will look among your backyard décor. Preferably you will want a neutral color, such as brown, black, beige or white, but if you have a colorful back yard, using colors could be easier than finding bowls of these shades.

Once you have the bowls you need, you have to measure the item you are putting the baffle around. Measure the size of the branches or poles, because your opening in the bottom-middle of the bowl will have to be at least this large.

The last item you need is a drill to make the holes with. Use the largest bit you have, and if you need the hole larger, you can cut it with scissors or a box cutter. Please be very careful as you do this though, because it isn’t easy to cut through plastic.

Now that you have the basics of your squirrel baffle, you will need something to keep it in place. You can make a knot of rope around the area you want it hung or simply hang it right on top of your wild bird feeders. For those that will go underneath the feeder, you can again use the rope tied around the branch or pole to hang it.

Your finished baffles can now be hung. Remember to place them above and below any feeders where the squirrels can reach them, and you shouldn’t have a problem with the squirrels stealing the food. Birds will come to your yard more often now that they won’t be disturbed in feedings and you won’t go through nearly as much feed as you used to. Can you believe that all it took was an upside down bowl to fix the problem?

Mary Green is a guest blogger who likes to write about her bird passions, including how to use a squirrel baffle and how to select the right glass hummingbird feeder.

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