Top 3 Disney Cars Toys for Your Toddler

With the highly successful release of Disney Cars 2, kids are extremely enthusiastic about characters such as Mater, Lightning McQueen and Finn MacMissile. My son Aidan is already pestering me about buying the DVD; he had such a great time watching the movie when it was released in June.

Parents often mention how their young children have become obsessed with this movie. I mean, Cars 2 was so much fun! I can’t tell you how many Cars-themed birthday parties we’ve been to this year. Pixar knows how to please the kids, that’s for sure.

I would like to recommend 3 teriffic Disney Cars movie toys for your toddler that are highly rated by parents and actually fun for kids. Let’s get started!


These cute oversized toy cars put the speed control into your child’s hands with Shake n’ Go Racers by Fisher Price. The more you shake them, the farther they go.

There are many characters from both the new Cars 2 and original Cars. Lightning McQueen is the most popular and comes in several versions and speaks phrases from the movie, plus makes revving engine noises, which adds excitement. From Cars 2 you have the suave Finn McMissile, sophisticated Holly Shiftwell and cheeky Francesco Bernoulli! For the first movie, choose from Mater, Chick Hicks, Ramone or Doc Hudson. There’s even a Mack and McQueen Shake N Go set!

All of these racers have earned between 4 and 5 stars from parents who love to see their children enjoying themselves as they engage in creative play.

There are several versions of this Disney Cars Race Track – either one spiral with two tracks or two spirals with one track each from Mattel and Fisher Price. Both of these tracks are lots of fun for children ages 2-3. Best of all these tracks work well with both MatchBox and HotWheels cars, so you can race your Lightning McQueen with other race cars. I really like that versatility.

Parents give these spiral race tracks 4-star reviews for their durability and how much fun their little ones have with them.

Now this is the ultimate gift for your toddler if he likes Lightning McQueen cars. Lil Lightning McQueen is a 6 volt single seat sit-in sports car. Just imagine how much fun your tot will have sitting in the drivers seat, using the easy push-button operation for simple stop and go. The car goes only 2 miles per hour, so while it’s exciting, it is far from scary.

Lightning Mcqueen

Lightning McQueen can speak and make car sounds with your wee race driver behind the wheel. Parents rate this toy at 4 stars because it’s so cute and goes at a nice speed. While it does not go in reverse, some parents have remarked that for safety, that’s probably a good thing. I think Lil’ Lightning McQueen is just adorable!


  1. Thanks for the insightful review and post Amy. My nephew has the spiral race track. He is five now and still uses it with his matchbox cars.

  2. Indeed, these more classic toys keep kids engaged for years. It can be a very good investment when children don’t ignore their new toy after a few days! Glad this was helpful. :)


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