Faith and spirituality are one of the most important accepts of motherhood in my opinion. Two years after my oldest was born his father and I divorced. Being a single mom and living thousands of miles away from family was a very difficult. While I was raised in the church and taught by my mother […]

Education Tips: Tech Tools for College Kids

Communication is a vital part of parenting and the key to building solid relationships with your children. With my youngest son studying abroad, in London to be exact, this article by Family Features struck a “must share” chord! We communicated mostly through Skype. It was free and fit his budget perfectly! The college kids need […]

Money Talks – Involve the Children

Worried about money? Many, if not most of us, are economizing these days to make up for higher gas and food prices as well as lay offs and pay cuts. Parents are often reluctant to talk about money to their children. We all want to spare our kids from the worries of life. We don’t […]