How To Know When Your Child is Water Safe

There are many parents that want their children to quickly learn how to swim and become water safe, a status where children are competent and comfortable enough in the water that they are able to handle most situations and not be minimally at risk. Parents often sign their kids up for swim lessonsand ask, ‘how […]

Tips for Stress-Free Mornings with Kids

Regardless of age, kids and early mornings don’t seem to mix. Combine this idea with the pressures of getting them to school on time as well as your work obligations, and you may be looking at a series of stressful mornings. Take the stress out of early mornings with these simple tips to help you […]

The Benefits of Cooking With Kids

Cookbooks for children are a wonderful way to initiate a healthy lifestyle. Involving your kids in cooking can open the door to related topics like nutrition, meal planning, and perhaps even gardening. Having been blessed with two sons did not stop me from encouraging them to cook. In fact, cooking, cleaning, and outdoor chores were part of our regular […]

Fighting Childhood Obesity at Home

Childhood obesity is an ever increasing problem in western countries, and one that will have terrifying repercussions for generations to come. A child that is obese is likely to become an obese adult, and develop all of the health problems associated with obesity. Governments are encouraging schools to do their bit to fight childhood obesity, […]

Education: Innovative Methods Pay Off

One of the most vital elements a parent can provide their child is a strong educational foundation. Statistics from the DEO demonstrate the primary education years are critical. Having a direct comparison by raising two sons, the instructional distinctions between public and private primary schools are quite astounding, especially where art and music are concerned. […]

Family Dinnertime | Affirmation is Sweet

This post brought to you by Kenmore Live Studio. All opinions are 100% mine. Everyone is busy. Life is moving swiftly. Family dinnertime may be more important than you know, especially for your kids. Experts warn the deterioration of family mealtimes reduces the lines of communication whilst further reducing the family values as a whole. […]

Newborn Feet – Cute, delicate, and vulnerable

Because the feet of young children are soft and pliable, unusual body forces can cause abnormality. Therefore, a newborn baby’s feet can be quite vulnerable. Did you know the foot has 26 bones, and an intricate structure of ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves? Because children’s feet grow swiftly during the first year, podiatrists consider this period to be […]